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At Hessco Financial what we do boils down to three main things. First, we help our clients create clarity about where they are and where they want to be in terms of their financial lives. We’ve found that, even very successful people, aren’t always clear about this important topic. In this process, we help our clients uncover the opportunities and obstacles to financial independence.

Second, based on what we learn, we help them put a plan in place – to get to where they want to go; removing the obstacles and taking advantage of the opportunities as much as possible.

Third, with this clarity and plan in place, our clients tell us they feel extreme confidence. They feel confident that they have addressed what many people never truly focus on. I can’t tell you how many times at the end of our meeting, my clients say, “We always feel much better about our future when we meet with you.”

About Our Founder

Josh Hess strongly believes that financial security is determined more by desire and discipline, than by social or economic background. Josh helps his clients understand money, how money works, and how to make their money work better for them. His goal is to help Americans become financially independent – Whatever their circumstances and needs are.

Josh emphasizes a “Financial Needs Analysis” plan for success which enables families or individuals to start working toward their financial independence. This plan is based upon an established strategy which can assist people from all demographics. Unlike companies that promote “cookie cutter ” financial services, Josh's 7 Step Plan includes a variety of strategic options centered around a core strategy—making it easy to customize a plan, which if applied properly, can assist in meeting each and every individual financial situation.


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We are proud to serve San Jose, Sacramento and the surrounding California communities by protecting the people we work with just like we protect our own family members. If you're not thrilled with your current financial situation contact us today.

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